2018 5th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2018)
Keynote Speakers
Prof. Dr. Esteban Broitman, SKF Research & Technology Development, 3430 DT Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Esteban Broitman holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and a Docent degree in Tribology from Linköping University (Sweden). He has been doing research and teaching at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), The College of William and Mary (USA), Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Linköping University (Sweden), and has been invited Professor by the University of Sao Pablo (Brazil), and by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China). His research activities focus on the nanomechanical and nanotribological properties of hard coatings of carbon-based coatings, nanocomposites, and softer materials like soft metals and polymers.
Speech Title: The Characterization of Polymers and Composite Materials by Nanoindentation: A Critical Overview
Abstract: During the last decade, novel polymers and nanocomposite materials have been developed for applications as micro- and nanodevices. In these applications, conventional mechanical characterization techniques like tensile, compression and bending tests are inapplicable due to the size of the samples. Nanoindentation technique, widely used to characterize the mechanical properties of hard metals and ceramics has started to be used also to characterize polymers and composite materials. More...

Prof. Nao-Aki Noda, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Nao-Aki Noda received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kyushu University, Japan in 1984. He has been doing research and teaching at Kyushu Inst. Tech., Kitakyushu, Japan, 1984-87, He is an author of Theory of Elasticity useful for engineers and a co-author of Safety Engineering for Workers in Industry and other several books. He is a co-editor of Stress Intensity Factors Handbook, vol. 4 & 5, Advances in Finite Element Analysis for Computational Mechanics. He is a recipient of Outstanding Paper Medal of Japan Soc. Tech. Plasticity, Sokeizai Industry Technology award from the Materials Process Tech. Ctr., a fellow of JSME (Japan Soc. Mech. Engrs.) and a fellow of JSAE (Soc. Automotive Engrs. Japan). Achievements include researches in stress analysis for notched material testing specimens, and development for large ceramics structures used for steel manufacturing machinery.
Speech Title: Contact analysis and simulation of rolled plastic film used for roof ventilation in Japanese greenhouses
Abstract: Greenhouses are capable of producing a variety of high-value crops year-round. A novel Japanese greenhouse design is gaining popularity because of its automated roll-up ventilation system that is integrated into the roof. However, due to the frequent movement of the roll-up system, the plastic film deteriorates rapidly and typically lasts for only three or four months. More...

Prof. Long Yu, South China University of Technology, Wushan, Guangzhou, China
Director, Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute, Guangzhou Knowledge City, China

Prof. Long Yu currently is Director of Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute. He used to work in CSIRO, Australia as Principal Scientist for more than 20 years. Prof. Yu has had more than 140 SCI papers published and citation time is more than 6700. He has been selected as a Fellow of Royal Australian Chemical Institute in 2002, and currently been pointed as Editorial Board of 6 SCI journals. In the last 20 years, Prof Yu has been working on various polymeric materials from renewable resources. He has successfully developed and commercialized many starch-based materials and products, including pure starch-based plastics and medicine capsules.
Speech Title: Biodegradable and Edible Starch-based Composites
Aims: The aim of this work is to develop biodegradable and edible starch-based materials, in particular to reinforce the starch-based materials using biodegradable and edible agents, such as cellulous or starch crystals or self-reinforce techniques. More...

2018 5th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2018)
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