The 6th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2019)
Invited Speakers---Dr. Surojit Gupta

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of North Dakota, USA

Dr. Gupta is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the University of North Dakota (UND). Dr. Gupta is an active researcher in sustainable materials, high temperature ceramics and alloys, nanotechnology, additive, and green manufacturing. At UND, Dr. Gupta teaches fundamental and applied courses related to materials science and engineering. Dr. Gupta has published over 45 technical papers, 6 patents (granted and pending – US and International) and has given 53 peer reviewed papers/proceedings in prestigious journals, 91 peer reviewed abstracts and/or contributed presentations, 1 book chapter, and 7 patents (4 granted and 3 pending). Dr. Gupta also has an h-index of 25 and over 1300 citations (source: Google Scholar). Dr. Gupta is an active member of the TMS, ASM International, ACS, ACeRs, ASME, and Sigma Xi. Currently, Dr. Gupta is serving as the Chair (elect) of the Engineering Ceramics Division of ACerS, and member-at-large of ACS. Dr. Gupta has also won several awards like, Dean Professorship, Dean’s Outstanding Faculty Award, Global Young Investigator Award from ECD ACeRs, and ASM/IIM lectureship award.

Speech Title: Novel Lignin based Porous Composites

Abstract: Lignin is an important constituent of plant matter, and an abundant source of aromatic compounds. However, due to its heterogeneous nature only a small portion of lignin is commercially used. In this presentation, I will some of the recent developments on the effective utilization of lignin. In addition, I will present current research in my lab on utilizing lignin for fabricating porous materials.
6th Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2019)
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