Highlights of the exhibition
◆ Exhibitors-Local Governments Cooperation
◆ International Enterprises Collaboration
◆ Simultaneous International Conference
◆ Initiative in New Materials Exhibition
◆ The Successive Exhibition Resources
◆ Adhesives and Raw Materials Technical Exchange Seminars
◆ Enterprise Image-building

Following are exhihitors newly joined.
Zhejiang Golden Roc Chemical Co., Ltd
Changsha Sworn Brothers Adhesive Co., Ltd
Tianjin Semyoo Polymer Technology co., Ltd
Ningbo Soken Chemical Co., Ltd
Ningbo Songhe Stationery Co., Ltd
Shanghai Motian Chemical Co., Ltd
Wuxijiuming machinery limited Co.
Fenghua Yuron Chemical Industry Material Co., Ltd
Risun Polymer Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Lingqiao Qihua Gongmao Co., Ltd

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