Prof. Dr. Esteban Broitman,
Linköping University, Sweden

keynote speech title:
Mechanical and Tribological Aspects of Nanocomposite Coatings

Prof. Bin Zhu
Head of Fuel cell/solar cell group
Royal Institute of Technology,Sweden
Expert of "100 Talents Program" of Hubei Province
keynote speech title:
Multi-functional nanocomposites for new generation fuel cells

Prof. Dumitru Nedelcu
Manager of Precision Mechanics and Nanotechnologies Laboratory
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania

keynote speech title:
Injection of "Liquid Wood": Samples Microstructure and Properties
Prof. Dr. R. K. AGARWAL
Chemistry Department, Lajpat Rai Postgraduate College, India

keynote speech title:
Some High Coordination Compounds of Lanthanides (III) Derived From Schiff Bases and Their Application.
Prof. Der-Jang Liaw
Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering
Doctor of Polymer Science ( Osaka University, Japan)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
keynote speech title:
New Polymer Materials for the Potential of Optical, Electronic and Green Energy Applications.
Prof. Ziyi Ge
Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

keynote speech title:
Highly Efficient Polymer Solar Cells.
Prof. Masa-aki Kakimoto
Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

keynote speech title:
Design of High Thermal Conductive Polymers.
Prof. Li Jun
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
National University of Singapore

keynote speech title:
Smart Supramolecular Nano Carrier Systems Self-Assembled from Functional Polymers for Drug and Gene Delivery